Our Mission


Providing Educational Services for Students by Students



In today’s school system, students are either in extracurricular activities or jobs after school. Aston is an organization that strives to work around that. Students, at any time, can request a tutor to receive help on their assignments. Help is just a request away.



Aston encourages students to connect with their tutor. We offer a unique program where students are able to bond with other students similar in age. This drives for an effective learning experience and allows easy communication between student and tutor. Aston strives for a comfortable and fun learning experience.


Extensive Help

Aston is not a replacement for teachers’ lessons, but instead is an organization comprised of student tutors who are willing to apply their knowledge to benefit those within their community. Our student tutors have gone through a similar curriculum and can easily guide your students to the knowledge they need. With this system, one’s weak subject may be strengthened by another’s help. Through this process, we will create a more knowledgeable community for high school, middle school, and elementary schools alike.


Specific Targeting

Our tutors are picked through a rigorous process, making sure that your student receives the best learning experience possible. All a student has to do is submit a form with the very subject they are struggling with. Then, an individualized tutor of your “match” will reach out to you and set up a meeting in a designated, safe area provided by your local school/library. We also send tutors to after school programs where students can approach and question our tutors.